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An Introduction to Malibu Luxury Real Estate:
The antithesis of all the rest of Los Angeles, Malibu properties are places to not be seen, and to enjoy one’s privacy and the natural beauty that abounds in the tranquil and majestic Malibu coastline where the Santa Monica mountains meet some of Southern California’s most pristine white sand Malibu beachfront.  Nature is still King in this part of Los Angeles with dolphins, flocks of Pelicans flying in formation, and a plethora of other wildlife visible and appreciated by local residents on a daily basis.  This private and exclusive enclave of Malibu beach houses for sale sets the landscape for the rich and famous of Los Angeles to escape to their Malibu luxury homes.

The Geography of Malibu Luxury Real Estate:
With 27 miles of Malibu coastline commencing a short drive from Santa Monica, and only approximately 13,000 enviable Malibu residents living in Malibu beach houses, it’s no wonder Malibu real estate for sale is so rare, coveted, and valuable

Beyond the vast stretch of low density coastline Malibu real estate for sale enjoys, it is also very unique in the topography of the Santa Monica mountains being situated in such close proximity to the Pacific Ocean offering both ocean and mountain views enjoyed by Malibu luxury homes.  This rare dynamic of having both ocean and mountains in such close proximity gives owners of Malibu beach houses the rare opportunity to experience surfing, kayaking or paddle boarding out in front of the Malibu beach homes in the morning, and hiking to a majestic Malibu waterfall in the afternoon of the same day!
The Climate of Malibu Luxury Real Estate:  The Climate of Malibu is one of the best if not the best of any beach town in Southern California. Being a resident in a Malibu beach house means living in one of the most temperate and desirable climates in the United States.  It is rare to find a day on any Malibu property not in or extremely close to the 70’s.

The Culture of Malibu Luxury Real Estate:
The culture amongst Malibu home owners is that of low key, under the radar, barefoot elegance attitude and an avid love for the natural wonderland and low density Malibu development which makes Malibu beach houses so valuable and precious.  Malibu has an old charm “beach town” feel and beach culture therefore pervades.  One thing all Malibu home owners share in common is a sense of being part of the very special Malibu community that most Malibu home owners affectionately refer to as “The Bu”.

The Diversity of Malibu Luxury Real Estate for Sale: 
Malibu Luxury Properties come in many shapes and forms.  The Malibu beach houses for sale are like no other Los Angeles beach houses being situated on absolute Malibu beachfront real estate without a “Strand” or walking path separating Malibu beach houses for sale from the Malibu beachfront. The Malibu beach houses for sale are literally and absolutely Malibu beachfront real estate with nothing separating these Malibu beach homes from the Malibu Ocean except Malibu beachfront property.  Due to the vast stretch of Malibu coastline boasting significant Malibu land for sale, and stringent limitations placed on the high density development of new Malibu homes for sale, the Malibu luxury real estate market offers the rare opportunity to find large Malibu oceanfront lots and Malibu beachfront lots to create Malibu Estates with significant acreage and privacy allowing one to create a Malibu horse property, Malibu vineyard estate, Malibu beach estate, Malibu contemporary home, or a significant Malibu compound custom suited to someone’s unique and discerning style.

The Recreation in Malibu Luxury Real Estate:
A mecca for the outdoor enthusiast, Malibu luxury homes offer their owners a private sanctuary in which to enjoy the best of what Malibu’s natural wonderland has to offer.  Malibu surfing is some of Southern California’s most epic and consistent surf from Topanga Beach to Surfriders beach, Little Dume, Zuma Beach, “Zeros” at St. Nicholas Sate Park, right up to County Line.  When the weather brings wind making the waves too choppy to surf, the kite surfing becomes the choice for the adventurous and Malibu kite surfing is world class.  Malibu kayaking is a favorite activity for many and Malibu Stand Up Paddle Boarding is also a popular and growing Malibu oceanfront activity.  Fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving are also popular activities for the ocean enthusiast.  Getting back onto the Malibu land, there is golf available at the Malibu Golf and Country Club,(, hiking amongst the many Malibu protected state parks, mountain biking, Malibu equestrian facilities at the Malibu Riding and Tennis Club as well as at other Malibu equestrian centers and plenty of un-crowded beaches for leisurely walks, beach runs, or lounging in the sun soaked white sand Malibu beaches.

The Restaurants of Malibu Luxury Real Estate:
Malibu has a wide range of many great dining options available ranging from casual to award winning fine dining restaurants.  A few of the recommended fine dining options from Malibu Luxury Real Estate include:
  1. Saddle Peak Lodge:  A world class restaurant in Malibu Canyon above Pepperdine featuring some exotic wild game options such as Elk Tenderloin in a rustic historical lodge setting:
  2. Savory:  An award winning Malibu fine dining restaurant sourcing local, fresh organic produce:
  3. Geoffries:  Malibu ocean view fine dining with an unbeatable locale and ambience:
  4. Charleys:  Another of Malibu’s best fine dining options with great ambience, delicious food and known for some speciality “mixology cocktails”:
The Communities of Malibu Luxury Real Estate: 
  1. Broad Beach, Malibu:  Broad Beach is home to many celebrities, located just West of Zuma Beach and just East of Victoria Point.  There are a variety of Malibu beach houses for sale available in this community.  Farther West than most Malibu communities, Broad Beach is very private and tranquil.  There has been some significant erosion on the Malibu beachfront in front of Broad Beach that is being revitalized.  This has resulted in Malibu beach house values in this area being reduced and some great values possible for those wanting more for their dollar.  This community is across the street from a shopping center going through a redevelopment called Trancas also close to Malibu Junior High and Malibu High School.

  2. Carbon Beach, Malibu:  This stretch of Malibu luxury beach houses has been nick named “Billionaires Beach” due to the number of billionaires calling this stretch of Malibu beach houses their home.  Carbon beach is located from Carbon Canyon Road to the Malibu pier and is ideally centrally located.  There are a limited number of Malibu beachfront lots on this stretch of beach, with many Malibu luxury homes being appointed on multiple Malibu beachfront lots, resulting in this area being arguably the most expensive Malibu real estate for sale.  For those wanting the best of the best and the most prestigious Malibu address on one of the widest and nicest dry sand Malibu beaches, this is the place to consider buying your exclusive Malibu beach estate.

  3. Point Dume, Malibu:  Point Dume is one of Western Malibu’s most popular communities and home to many celebrities and entertainment executives and moguls alike.  It is a large amount of Malibu beachfront property ideally situated on the oceanfront side of Pacific Coast Highway, providing a serene and tranquil setting free of congestion and highway noise.  The Malibu homes here range from modest older dated ranch homes without ocean views to extraordinary Malibu oceanfront estates on bluffs with private beach access in excess of $20 million.  There is a suburban, but predominantly exclusive feel to this Malibu beachfront community and it enjoys private beach access to 3 stunning private beaches and coves. Headlands State Park has some scenic hiking trails with panoramic views. Many of the Malibu homes here have stunning Malibu ocean views perched up on a bluff above Zuma beach.

  4. Marisol, Malibu:  Marisol is an award winning new community in Western Malibu.  This low density, private planned community spans 80 acres with only 17 Malibu estates available for sale.  The Malibu oceanfront lots here are safely perched up on a bluff overlooking County Line surf break.  Whilst in Ventura County, this community is still in the city of Malibu and this community has the rare entitlement of being exempt from the Coastal Commission so building a new home here is an easier and more simplified process than on virtually any other Malibu land for sale.  Due to the rural location in Western Malibu, and to the geography of the estates being gated at the road entry and on top of a sheer cliff, Marisol is exceptionally private and tranquil.

  5. Malibu Road, Malibu:  With over 250 Malibu beach houses in this Malibu community, there are more Malibu beach houses for sale in this community at present than any others.  Malibu Road is conveniently located next to the Malibu colony so it is ideally situated on pristine Malibu beachfront, whilst close to Malibu’s finest shopping, bars, and restaurants.   Most of the Malibu beach houses located within this community are two story and on compact lots and Malibu Road has some of the best values and also has more turnover than any other Malibu beach houses for sale on the market.

  6. The Colony, Malibu:  The Colony is an icon of Malibu luxury properties.  Its beginning traces back to when the fledging movie industry of Hollywood’s stars once leased quaint beach cottages from the Rindge family in the early 1900s.  Many of the famous Hollywood actors ended up purchasing land there and then building extravagant Malibu beach homes which set the tone for the quality of this unique and exclusive gated Malibu beachfront community today.  The Colony is home to many celebrities and some of the highest quality and highest price Malibu beach houses for sale.  Some of the advantages of choosing the Colony as a place to secure your Malibu beach house include the 24 hour security and privacy resulting from the gated community, as well as walking distance to the largest concentration of restaurants, bars, and shopping available anywhere in Malibu.

The Schools Available within Malibu Luxury Real Estate:  Malibu is home to award winning schools that are available to children within all Malibu communities.  To learn more about the schools within Malibu, please refer to the website for the Santa Monica / Malibu Unified School District:

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